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Seven Figure wealth | Self Development | 5 Great Lessons I Learned In Life!

5 Great Lessons I Learned In Life!

 Lessons I Learned In Life!

Ram Gupta

Life is a journey where one learns new things, lessons and philosophies. During this journey, nature plays a significant role in introducing to us different people, events and happenings that become the torch besters for us.

If I may say so, everyone should be very proud of their mother, the first teacher who molds us into in to good human beings. As we grow, we meet our school teachers and then the professors in the universities.

This being said, we learn constant lesson through our eyes, ears and nose. We learn the sensations of feel, touch, taste and smell. We learn the joy of something beautiful to look at and we also learn the feeling of sorrow and sadness if we see or hear a catastrophe or a natural calamity.

There is not even a single second when our conscious and subconscious mind is not recording a lesson in life.

Oh yes, in today’s world we have yet another medium of learning the lessons. The Web, I think the most important, diverse and updated. Today I am sharing five lessons learned by me through the Web, picture quotes.

Here we go:

Let it go…

I don’t know why people get stuck on something and don’t move forward in life. Crying over spilt milk all the time will not give you any comfort. It will only make you more sad and depressed.





Face a situation bravely

Yes life also plays strange games most of the times. It is nature’s way to test our endurance and patience. If tough times come, fight is out bravely, the tough time will run away!




Face is not the mirror of your heart

I come from the hospitality industry where we are trained to keep a warm smile on the face all the time. That does not truly reflect the inner us, the real us. Inside we might be having a thousand issues, problems or worries. Everyone has to pass through up’s and down’s in life.




Like attracts like


This is a great lesson to learn. You surround yourself with people having negative thinking and you won’t even know when you started being a negative thinker. It is therefore very important to be in an environment that is filled with positivity and happiness. You will never regret that.







Always be yourself

If you are not being yourself, you cannot be honest or true to your own self and people around you. No need to pretend being something that you are not. Being what you are has phenomenal impact on your personality.











While I was to blog on lessons learned in life, I chose a mode with also included famous quotes. An honest way to describe what I have learned!

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