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Seven Figure wealth | Internet Marketing | Google, Yahoo, Bing Please Step Aside SciNet is Coming!

Google, Yahoo, Bing Please Step Aside SciNet is Coming!

 SciNet is Coming - Google, Yahoo and Bing Get Ready!

Ram Gupta


This morning, I read an interesting news item in the Times of India newspaper. It sounded very good. According to the news report, scientists at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology have developed a new search engine that will work on the basis of recognition tasks by displaying key words which are associated with search topic of the user.

It is believed that because of its ability of recognition tasks, SciNet will be far more effective and efficient in pointed searches. In this respect this new search engine will be totally different than the exiting Google, Yahoo or Bing. The search engine will offer the user diverse but relevant results much faster even when the user does not have a clue on what he or she is looking for or on how to phrase the search that they are seeking.

As I understood from the news report, SciNet works something like this. After receiving the search query, SciNet will throw up a host of keywords and topics in the topic radar. One can then see the relation between different topics from the directions on the radar. Those keywords which are closer to the center of the radar are meant to be more relevant than the ones which are farther away from the center. However the best aspect of search on SciNet is that it also offers you alternatives related to the topic even though the user may not have thought of searching them. The user can move the words around the search radar to determine the most relevant ones.

According to Professor Giulio Jacucci of HIIT, “It is exciting to be addressing this problem in research that needs competencies from different disciplines as we uniquely combine at HIIT”. His views are based on the prediction that volume of data and documents on the web world is going to grow by around 10 times by 2020. Speed, accuracy and efficiency of tools that can help save productive time of a user will therefore assume greater importance in the times ahead. Something that SciNet delivers.

As discussed in the previous paragraph, one of the unique qualitative differences that will set SciNet apart from other search engines is its ability to churn out various options on the desired information. It is seen that many times, people do not know the right word or search phrase for the search bar in their first search. They usually narrow down to it in second or repeat attempt. With the ability of displaying various alternative options on the search radar this issue get addressed by SciNet. It is believed that people behind SciNet have already formed a company called Etsimo to launch its commercial operation.

Click here for a demo of SciNet

Competition is one factor that can force improvement in an existing system or process. I am sure that once SciNet goes online, full blast, the existing players in search engine domain will have reasons to add value to their system. Whatever happens, you and I have a reason to smile!

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