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Seven Figure wealth | Internet Marketing | 5 Business Hacks To Your Business Productivity

5 Business Hacks To Your Business Productivity

 Business Hacks For Increased Productivity

Ram Gupta

The biggest challenge faced by an online entrepreneur is to ensure maximum productivity of his and his teams work. Distractions are bound to happen, schedules are bound to be broken and timeline bound to cross the limits, but we can manage these with simple actions and building a positive work environment. Here are a few productivity hacks that I use in my online venture.


Scheduling the day


This is the most important part of my work culture. My days are scheduled for self-work, internal masterminding sessions and external meetings. To the extent possible I do not allow the schedules to get messed up unless something unforeseen comes up suddenly.


I also do not allow distractions to get me off course. That is the worst thing that could happen. While chalking out the day’s schedule, I make it a point to build sufficient time between two tasks for a break. This keeps me mentally relaxed for the next task.


Prioritize the Tasks


In any function, there are basically three types of tasks, urgent or top priority tasks, not to important, but desirable and routine tasks. I generally take it upon myself to handle all essential, urgent or important tasks for the day. Sometimes if the volume is too high, I do delegate part of the task to my team members.  All routine tasks are handed down to one dedicated team member for whom they become top priority tasks.


It is impossible for anyone to do everything all by himself. Let us say if I write the blog, the task to generate key words has been delegated to someone in the team who has been trained for the job. The promotion of the blog is given to another member who does all work of sharing and syndication. This way I get the time to churn out blog ideas, topics and create content.


Get On The Desk Early


As a rule, I am at my desk at least thirty minutes before the schedule time. This sets the tone in the work place on punctuality. One of the worst enemies of productivity is the time wasted in starting late and sending a bad signal to the team.


Start early, engage with concentration on the schedule and your productivity goes up notably.


Flip a Book Page


Many a time I am faced with a dilemma. To do the task immediately or to send the task to my “do later folder”. In such a case, instead of forcing myself into starting the task there and then, I open my favorite book “Think and Grow Rich” randomly. Then I add up the page number of the right hand page to a single digit. If the sum is an even number, the task has to be done at once, and if the sum is an odd number, it goes to the later folder. This saves me the guilt of cheating.


You could laugh at my method. But I do it for two reasons. This 30 second of process gives me a break from the routine, refreshes me and secondly, I see a page of the book I love, I cheat a

couple of seconds to glance through the content on the page. You won’t believe, but some of the best blog topics were discovered by me like this only.


Disciplined approach to social media


I am neither addicted to or allow myself to be addicted to social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace or Stumble upon. I have a dedicated 45 minutes slot for Social Media interactions. Most of this time goes on LinkedIn as I go to my favorite group and respond to comments received and also love to get involved in interesting discussions.


Social media sites are addictive. People waste hours and hours surfing on these sites wasting their valuable time. Unless I have some business interest, I do not usually surf on these sites. Yes, I am now going to get into Facebook advertising and then I am going to go to Facebook for business promotion.


Time is the most valuable commodity gifted to us by the nature. We should utilize it productively and not waste it.


If you are not yet blogging, get blogging now!


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