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Seven Figure wealth | Internet Marketing | Secret Strategy To Conquer Criticism Revealed!

Secret Strategy To Conquer Criticism Revealed!

 Fear Of Criticism

Ram Gupta


Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great”. Mark Twain


Ever wondered why 98% of the people live a common life and only 2% enjoy the fruits of riches? Needless to say that former lacks in something that the later has in abundance. Before coming to a conclusion, let us discuss it in greater detail.

We all have a bunch of good (so called) friends and close relatives. We discuss many issues with them. They give us their advice and we give them advice too. However has it ever happened to you that having decided to start something or some venture you were suddenly held back by yourself fearing the criticism that you may receive from your friends of relatives?

It happens. It happens too often and people leave themselves or their ambitions years behind in the process. It is the Fear of criticism syndrome and it is present in all of us. More with some and less in others. But it is there.

If one was to ask those who leave their plans, projects or ventures for fear of criticism the reasons, you will hear different rationale. Amusing as they all find an alibi for not taking action or justifying what they did. People want to remain in their comfort zone, be it poverty.

There are many of us who could not complete our education or learning when we should have. People think let me work for a couple of years, earn some money and then I will study further. The later never comes because people have the fear of criticism, what my friends will think, what my relatives will say if I did not succeed in my studies. This acts as a deterrent to self-development.

I personally wanted to go into my own business after working for a couple of years. I came across a major opposition in terms of opinions and views. Don’t you know that nobody in our family has ever done business? What if you lose all that money, how will you sustain yourself? Do you have the finances to do business? All sorts of road blocks and objections confronted me. I got so fearful that I not only dropped the idea but never ventured again till until now. Fear of criticism or mere criticism can kill your ambitions, dreams and desires.

A friend of mine had an excellent opportunity to pursue his career overseas with a hefty pay pack way back in early 70’s. All that was required of him was to relocate overseas. He consulted his relatives on the issue. He was bombarded with such frightful questions and scenarios like who will look after you overseas, here your parents do that. What if you lose your job there, what if they don’t keep their promise to pay you this pay pack and so on? My friend got so panicky and frightened that he simply dropped the plans, continued with his job. The result, he retired with no savings for the old age.

On the other hand if people take their chances, encash their opportunities at the right time and become successful, they do not get the credit, it then is the break, and he got the break. How ironical that our own friends and relatives, instead of appreciating the efforts give credit to luck.

There is yet another situation when a person compromises to get married and binds himself for the life against his or her wishes. They are afraid to correct the mistake for fear of criticism. They suffer the whole life just because of fear of criticism syndrome that has them by the neck. Is it worth to be so afraid to correct a mistake that you ruin your whole personal life? What will people think, what they will say and so on.

I think that is enough of discussion on the topic. Which brings us to the other side?

How do we cure and get out of this fear of criticism syndrome which eats you up like dry rot eats timber?

The answer is simple. All it needs is forceful action on your part. You have to have the courage and conviction in your own ability to achieve what you want to. Your actions must be backed by a burning desire to succeed. Your actions also have to have an arrogant and persistent approach to reject any and all silly, self-serving advices and suggestions from the so called sincere friends and well-meaning relatives. You are grown up with your head on your shoulder, capable of looking after your own welfare.

Negative criticism should not have any place in your life, ignore it! Behave like those 2% and raise the number to as high as you can. People will praise you.

Oh, before I forget, let me tell you, I simply love criticism and my critics are my best friends. They tell me most on where I need to improve and help me excel in whatever I do. So take a minute and write your critical comment on this post, you sure will help me.


To your victory over fear of criticism!

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