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Seven Figure wealth | Internet Marketing | Be The Master, Why Settle For Less?

Be The Master, Why Settle For Less?

 Why Settle For Less?

Ram Gupta


Are you cheating yourself by settling for less?




Great, that’s how it should be.


People, who settle for less, by and large accept failure. They accept less because they are losers, with little or no ambition of going up or forward. But why should this syndrome hit a person. Is it lack of ambition, imagination or instinct? I feel we should reflect on these to understand a person who accepts less for full.

The Environment

Most people get influenced with the environment they live, work and move in. We also know that the ratio of “haves” to “have not’s” in the world is very lopsided. It means that a person is mostly surrounded with people who have resigned to their fate blaming the system or the luck. Unless one is determined to fight this negative environment full of forces trying to pull him down, he would give up the resistance and accept his present as his future. We have seen so many people say, no this will ever happen, even before trying something.

On the contrary, those who succeed, never accept their environment as a reason to fail, they simply ignore the environment and march ahead. Like in every class there could be only three students who occupy the first three positions. They also live and grow up with the rest of the class. The only difference between them and the last three position holders is the presence or absence of desire to excel, succeed and achieve and the conviction that they can or cannot do that.

Taking Action

Only those who run a race can set a record. To be able to achieve full success you need to take action and prompt action. I see people shirking from initiating action on one pretext or the other. I will do this in the afternoon, or evening or tomorrow. Only if they had acted on time, they would have succeeded. It is extremely important in life to understand that there is an appropriate time to act and act to win. Winners’ value time and losers waste time.

Desire to achieve

While everyone dreams to achieve something big, very few desire to achieve and succeed. It is so important to differentiate between dreamers and achievers. Dreamers simply stay lost in imagining that they have achieved what they wanted to without even moving. While those who develop a desire to achieve and through proactive, planned and organized actions make it into an obsession, they achieve or reach their goal or target way before the timeline they have fixed for themselves.

Planning To Succeed

“Thomas A. Edison "failed" ten thousand times before he perfected the incandescent electric light bulb. That is--he met with temporary defeat ten thousand times, before his efforts were crowned with success.” – Napoleon Hill, chapter 7, Think and Grow Rich

Here is something very important. It is like a Guru Mantra for success. To succeed you must have a practical and organized plan of action. You must put this plan into action and move forward. If at the end of it, you do not achieve success, it does not mean that you have failed and abandon the mission. Take it as a temporary setback, review your plan and start afresh. This is the acid test between achievers and losers. Those who take this temporary setback as defeat, they lose the battle.

Let us take the example of our space missions. They are able to put one rocket into outer the space after so many failed missions. A failed mission never prompted the mission controllers to abandon the plans. It is the same thing with our individual goals.

Self Confidence and Determination

These two important behavioral traits are a must to succeed. These are nothing but your state of mind. On certain days and in some conditions one feels that he can do something and on other occasion even a simple task looks live moving the Himalayas. If you are determined to achieve your goal and work towards it in all sincerity, success will kiss you sooner than later.

 Power of Choice

I wonder if many of us are conscious of the fact that we all have a great gift or power from the nature or the almighty. The Power of Choice. It is up to you what you chose, but once you do that your subconscious starts to work on it. It does not understand or differentiate between right or wrong, good or bad. If you chose to lose, no one but you and only you can help you by altering your choice. This faculty works exactly like your organized plan. You have the power to recast your plan and start afresh. Similarly, you can alter your choice and succeed.

The issue to ponder is simple. When one has the power to choose success, why should people fail?

 I think the answer is hidden in what I am about to share with you. People fail as     they do not consult a master mind, a group of likeminded, hungry for success people when they prepare their plan. They do it alone and in the process leave whooping holes in their plan. I was repeating the same mistake until I found an online group of empowered people. These people act on a tried and tested plan to succeed. Of course your success is not guaranteed. But one thing is for sure, if you act and act as per plan, success will not be far away. And by the way, they even have a Masters Course, so why settle for less?

You can watch their free video on how a van man succeeded in life, became financially independent. As for you, the choice is yours!

Don’t you think that you’re coming to this post must be for a reason? Think about it!

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