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Seven Figure wealth | Network Marketing | How To Develop Success Habits To Succeed In Your Network Marketing

How To Develop Success Habits To Succeed In Your Network Marketing

 Develop Success Habits

Ram Gupta

Develop Success Habits


Many people wonder what has my habits got to do with my business success. They often forget that success is simply a state of mind, successful people have a very positive state of mind and they have no negativity in their thinking or actions. In fact if one was to talk any negative topic with them, they are quick enough to stop you even before you complete your sentence. Habit plays a very important and crucial role in framing your state of mind. After all habit reflects in your repetitive actions that you take all day long. You can develop habits, mold them to target your goals and your actions will start to move toward your goals.

Here are some tips on how to develop success habits.

Self Help

Yes, who else will help you in developing your habits? It is you and only you. Towards this you need to read constantly keep on expanding your thinking. Enriching your thinking process. A good and time tested strategy for this is to spend a fixed amount of time in reading self-development books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success, again by Napoleon hill and others like Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad.

"Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is exactly what the majority of men do. More than five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them."
Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

The idea is to make your mind start pondering on the rich content and discharge the same power in the actions. The net is full of excellent audio resources on these topics. You should listen to one audio daily. You will soon start discovering a new, energetic and ready to take actions person. You may even surprise yourself. I found an excellent audio resource in the inner circle audios in Empower Network back office. They are simply awesome. As a rule spend 30 minutes each on reading and listening to motivational audios daily. Develop a habit for reading; this will help you make success a habit.

Set Crystal Clear Goals

You should be very clear in what you want, in precise number, by when – a specific date, why do you want to achieve that goal by that time to understand your purpose or motivation to do what you are doing. If your goals are not defined in its absolute clarity, your results will also be vague and disappointing. Not only this, you should be able to visualize your outcome like a clear painting or a live movie in front of you. Read your goals in all its details daily aloud. Let your mind get tuned with your goals. It will then be a matter of time that you will see them in reality. Feel that moment, celebrate and savor the success and be thankful to the nature to have blessed you with success.

Having said that, I must hasten to add that merely developing a positive mind set and setting clear and concise goals is not enough to succeed. You will have to work, and work hard to achieve the success. Your work culture and ethics will to a great extent influence your success. Be consistent, be honest and be focused in your work. In you work out put, make excellence a habit. Nothing short of it.

“The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.”
Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

While there a number of other factors which will help you develop success habits, I would like to add that being resourceful is a key trait that you must develop. You should not accept “no”, “impossible” and “cants” from any one in or around you. Don’t wait for others to complete their work or do things for you, roll up the sleeves and jump in, finish it. 


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