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Seven Figure wealth | Network Marketing | Do You Have Clarity for Success?

Do You Have Clarity for Success?

 Clarity for Success

Ram Gupta

Clarity for Success


People often blame a host of factors for their failures, sometimes not sparing even their innocent pet. However if one was to sit back, relax and do an introspection in a cool and unbiased state of mind, I think they will find the answer sooner than later. It is them and only them to blame, no one else.

I think I am very fortunate to have joined the Empower Network and to go all in, a couple of days back. I am amazed at the wealth of invaluable resources stacked in their archives. I was watching my first recorded webinar from the 15 K formula which teaches you step by step how you can earn $ 15,000/- in 90 or less than 90 days. The lesson is titled Clarity for Success; the title of this post comes from there. This being the point of start to your 15 K journey, deals with framing your mind set to earn this sort of money.

David Wood, the founder of Empower Network, who conducts this webinar, is a very powerful speaker, who delivers very precise, crisp and focused tips for success. He says “The difference between success and failure is clarity” – “clarity of purpose”. So true because if we don’t know what to achieve, can we define “How to”, I suppose no.  One must understand that the goals only, can define the means to reach the outcome. However, those who succeed, start taking actions even if the means were not fully clear, they can get corrected as one moves ahead.

David Wood explains in a very unique way how to create magical results in your efforts. According to him, successful people are so clear in their outcome, that they can describe it like a picture; they can describe whatever they want.  They dream to do things that do not exist. Who could have thought that the human race would successfully launch their space satellite, 65 million kilometer away to planet Mars and gather valuable information about the planet and its atmosphere. If that is a success story, even earning 15 K in 90 day is.

This webinar then goes on to teach you the strategy to set your income goal, well you can set any type of goal once you have grasped the art of clear and concise goal setting. The most important thing to remember is that your goals and outcome should be clear like a crystal. It should clearly spell out the following,-

  1. What income goal in exact numbers, do you want to hit in the next 90 days.
  2. Why do you want that? Define the purpose. There is nothing without a purpose and one must be clear on that.
  3. What evidence is there going to be that you have hit the outcome – one must know.
  4. What reward are you going to create for yourself? Each time you hit your own goal, you must reward yourself. Celebrate.
  5. When you see the evidence of success, what is the environment around you? Describe in all its vivid details. Express in all your 5 senses, what do you see, what do you smell, how does it feel to touch, what do you hear and how does it taste (success tastes good!)


And then there is the best part of the Webinar. You get to set your own goal as part of the exercise and do a quick visualization with David. I must share here that if you are true to yourself and honest to the purpose, the visualization sends a chilling wave in your spine, hair raising experience. So strong is the effect of your subconscious minds synergy with your conscious mind.

This is not all; the webinar is a treasure of knowledge. It then introduces you to a formula for success. Explains a model to create the desired income and a lot more. All this and more you can experience yourself once you are in.

Remember people who are successful have faith and belief in their vision, they take action. I would strongly recommend to all those who are engaged in any form of Internet Marketing to get on board Empower Network, the success will come today, because Empowered people get it today, not in a future distance.

Get empowered to succeed today!


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