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Seven Figure wealth | Marketing Tools | The New Bread Of Internet Marketing Millionaires - The Me Brand!

The New Bread Of Internet Marketing Millionaires - The Me Brand!


Looking to find a Lifestyle income source?

Look no more for I am revealing a few to you right here!

Success in online wealth generation depends on how you market yourself as a brand, an authority and an expert. If you do not have a proven track record as yet, you can create one with little effort. STOP! I am not going to profess something illegal or unethical. What I am about to reveal are the secrets hidden within you that you yourself are unaware of. Sine you don’t know what you are, how did you expect to exploit its full commercial potential?

You and Your Content

I am sure you know how to write a few lines on a generic topic. With little inputs from the net, you could make your content more specific to an issue, a problem or a social need. Agreed, well. Let’s proceed.

Write something on let’s say “How to Lose Weight by Daily Walking”. You must be using a gym or jogging or walking to remain fit. If yes, it is good news if not get some information from Google, pen it down into an interesting piece of say 350 – 500 words. If your content writing skills need some help I suggest you watch this free ARTICLE WRITING WEBINAR.

To convert your content into money, you will have to distribute it to people who are looking for this information. You can do a ‘Podcast” or circulate it through article directories or send it as a “News letter”. The idea is to present yourself as the “Online Mentor” to your audience.

Enough, Tell Me How


Don’t lose your cool. Have patience. All good things take time.

Yes we were talking about podcasts. For that you will need recording software and a microphone. Here is the tip. Just download the soft ware FREE from Audacity. By the way, Audacity also has a good tutorial resource on their site.

Additionally, if you put your face to your voice, the impact of your content will multiply many folds as people want to interact with people and see them to get assured that they were not listing to a robot. You can therefore have a Video cast. The best free source is already with you on your computer. Yes, you’re Webcam.

But Where Is My Audience?

You are really in a great hurry.

I was just coming to the point of finding the audience for you. Now that you have your podcast ready, let us broadcast it to your listeners at sites like Podcast Alley, and promoting it through your website. Don’t have one. Then through your blog which you can create for free at Blogger blogger.com or Wordpress. You can also advertising in forums through newsletters.

Try to enlarge your listener base through quality content. The moment you have sizable listener base, sponsors willing to pay to reach your listeners can be approached to monetize your podcasts. You could find your own advertisers. Alternatively you could join a podcasting network such as Podtrac.

Once your podcast has good number of listeners you can even think of charging people to listen through services like iTunes. However in such case you must also have a free teaser version to keep attracting fresh audience.

Earn From Publishing News Letters

Yes, if you are not a podcast savvy and prefer written content, do it by all means. Here you could get the help of distributing your newsletters through an Autoresponder.

You can get the Free Autoresponder from Responders or if you are looking for a more serious affairs go to A Weber or GetResponse. An auto responder will broadcast your newsletters at predetermined intervals set by you to your mailing list. This is the best way to broadcast your message to your target group.

A good newsletter will be inviting, easy to read, and compatible with different systems and internet browsers. You can create beautiful PDF documents using a free program such Asopenoffice.

Teach and Earn Globally

Yes, all over the world. If you have knowledge and experience to share then you can do so in a podcast or newsletter, or by writing content for a site such as DemandStudios, who will pay for your articles.

 Alternatively, you can become an online tutor and communicate directly with students through video chat and email. You could find your own students by advertising your services on Craigs List.

Websites that recruit online teachers include Universal Class , MyTutor 24, and Tutor . Wiziq  has a teacher directory where you can describe yourself and potential students can find you.

You must be thinking why the hell did I call it as a lifestyle source of income? Well simply because here you don’t go out to earn that dollar. You could be sitting at home, in your balcony, on the beach or even in a Coffee Shop! What did I say? A Coffee Shop, yes. I seem to have unknowingly spilled the beans.

Suggest, you take a look at “Coffee Shop Millionaire”, for who knows you might be the next one!



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